Freezeframe – REVITALEYES 15ml (2018 Version)

Want Dreamy Eyes?

  • Lift, firm eye skin
  • Remove Edema
  • Remove Wrinkles
  • Moisturizing and Enhance the Elasticity of Eye Skin

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【Origin】 Australia

Usage: Use morning and evening every day, with your fingers gently pat around the eyes


1. Australia Freezeframe the world’s top new technology, soothing wrinkles. Freeze frame is Australia’s leading medical beauty company, its main products include skin care, eye care, make-up, body care and other products. Especially breast cream and eye cream known;

2. Australia Freezeframe the world’s top new technology, powerful smooth wrinkle lifting lift wrinkles eye cream. Revitaleyes Firming Eye Lift Brightening Eye Cream is a new-generation, powerful, eye edematous, dark circles, deep wrinkles that has been clinically proven by eye clinics to repair all immediate and long-term repair problems in the eye. 3 Peptide Kinetic Plus Vitamin C instantly removes all signs of stress, fatigue and aging while performing a deep and long lasting anti-wrinkle, anti-puffiness and anti-black circle effect;

3. Peptide Technology 3 Botox® alternative that helps reduce facial wrinkles and is the main ingredient for all freezeframes. This powerful peptide technique effectively helps to relax facial wrinkles as you can see that one significantly reduces not only the fine lines but also the deep ones.


1. Effectively lift the eye, firming eye skin, remove edema;

Scratch dark circles like an eraser, the effect of up to 63.23%;

3, like the injection of Botox the same effect, remove wrinkles, the effect of up to 63.23%;

4. This product can effectively compact the eye skin, moisturizing and moisturizing, enhance the elasticity of the eye skin.

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