Royal – Aesthetic Pursiut From Bare Skin 117ml (1.3ml×90bags) New Packing

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Placenta effectively enhance muscle moisture content! Help dilute wrinkles, anti-oxidation effect is excellent! Equilibrate the skin oil and water balance, repair and soften the cuticle! Reach compact, back age, supple! Let your skin slide without skipping, radiant day! 30 independent package, maintain the quality of ingredients, convenient and sanitary! Is the first anti-oxidant artifact, the beauty of the magic thing!

Enhance muscle self-water content, effectively prevent dry skin
Revive, rejuvenate, revitalize skin, resist oxidation
Super anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, fine pores
Enhance the brightness of the skin, improve dull skin tone, reduce the formation of spots
Helps restore skin water and oil balance, prevent excessive oil
Repair and soften cutin
With a compact, anti-aging effect, to improve skin relaxation, maintain flexibility
Restore youthful and tender skin, make you radiant

Open a bag after washing face down immediately in the palm shoot above, immediately wipe the massage to absorb, and then use toner, essence and cream. Available 1-2 times per pack, smear action must be fast, because of strong absorption.


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